What We Believe

The church exists to communicate Christ.  We do this by proclaiming the truth that Jesus is Lord.  We base all our teachings on the Bible which we understand to be the inspired inerrant Word of God.  The sacraments are regularly observed according to the teachings of Scripture.   Through the “Means of Grace,” the Word, and Sacraments, we trust that God will work through the power of the Spirit to bring individuals into the Kingdom of God. 

As members of Christ our Savior it is our responsibility and privilege to carry our faith into our community and proclaim Christ.  We believe that everyone who confesses Christ is a precious and loved Child of God and an heir to the eternal kingdom.  As children of God we share the gospel of Jesus with everyone as God gives us opportunity.  Everything we do as a church should have at its core the desire to communicate Christ.  As we share Christ, the Spirit of God works to win lost souls for the heavenly Kingdom.

Lutheran Church Beliefs