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Grace United Fish Fry (December 13, 2013)

posted Feb 5, 2014, 8:33 AM by COS Newsletter   [ updated Sep 30, 2014, 11:11 AM ]

On December 15th, a group of Christ Our Savior members attended Adult Sunday School and Worship Service at Grace United.  It was emotional and spiritually uplifting to hear Grace United member’s during the time for prayer requests and testimonials.  Here are people who are feeling so blessed, thankful for the changes in their own lives, praising God, and asking for prayers for a relative going to prison, or back on drugs.  One of the members was praying a prayer of Thanks for an individual helping to carry water for her.  Her pipes had been broken in her apartment for 2 weeks and yet she was thankful.

 After Sunday School and Worship, the Christ Our Savior group had the great privilege of serving a great meal of fried crappie with a variety of side dishes and desserts.  We had Greg Graham and his brother Gary frying the fish Greg caught for us, Angie Graham and family helping out, plus the Bell, Rolofson, and Walania families! Often serving the Saturday and Sunday meals at Grace are teams of about 5 adults, but from our church we must had a dozen up front at the main serving tables and over at the dessert table, the majority of whom were kids serving the very poor!!!  Plus there were more people helping in the kitchen and clearing tables, Bob Rolofson as "the fish runner," and Greg and Gary outside frying up those great fish!  Bob Kirkpatrick could be seen throughout the morning and afternoon, visiting and showing God’s love to people attending.  He’s such a blessing to Grace and our church!  Some of the food served was provided by many others from COS.  This was truly a blessed day!!!!

Fortunately, we had so many brownies and cakes left over that many could be given to the 300+ heads of households who came the next day for the Christmas Sharing event. (Bob Kirkpatrick enjoys serving goodies to those having to wait for their numbers to be called!)  And that was Grace's second big thank-you event! People from COS had filled about five boxes in the narthex with packaged foods, toys, and new or like-new clothing needed to help make that a big success!  Plus Teresa Schlegel had made 100 beautifully crocheted scarves to give out!