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2014 Bierock Making

We would like to say "Thank You" to all those who purchased Bierocks from the youth group this year.  We are inching closer to our goal of $7700.  Thank you to Paulette, Drake and Brock Varns; Allison Walania; Micaela and Christian Eickhoff; Koell and Bill Smith; Garrett and Grace Rolofson and Pat Walker for waking up early on Saturday to bake 15 batches (450 bierocks).   We certainly had a fun time making them!  Thank you to the Varns family for providing lunch for everyone!


We would also like to shout out a few "Thank You's" to those who donated items for making our bierocks:  Paul Richards, The Weber Family, Pat Walker, Don & Linda Newman, Sandy Barsh, and the Walania Family.  We could not have made these without your generous donations!